E-Catworld.com Back in Google Index — Coverage Moving Back There

I was very pleasantly surprised this evening to find that once again Google is indexing e-catworld.com as usual.

Most regular readers here will be aware that recently the website e-catworld.com disappeared from Google. They had labeled the site ‘pure spam’ following what appeared to be an attack on the site. I took some actions to remedy the situation and made an appeal to Google to try and get the situation reversed.

I’m glad to say that Google seems to have changed their mind. I have received no official communication, but once again the site is once again searchable and findable in the Google search engine. Since Google is by far the most popular search tool on earth, it’s really important to be able to found there. If you can’t be found on Google you are invisible to the majority of people.

So I am going to move all E-Cat World publishing back to the domain www.e-catworld.com — the regular site. Ecatworld.org will still exist, and may come in useful in the future, but I won’t be adding new content here for now. I have copied the posts from ecatworld.org back over to e-catworld.com, along with the comments, so readers should not be losing any information over the past couple of weeks that we have been using .org.

Thanks very much to E-Cat World readers for your patience and understanding during this rather strange episode. I hope it’s over for good now.

See you on www.e-catworld.com!