Support Tickets

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Support Tickets
Category:  Admin
Version:  2.5.2
Size:  178KB
License:  JCL
Updated:  01/11/24 12:16:53PM
Support Tickets  Support Tickets

The Support Tickets module makes it easy to add a ticketing system to your Jamroom site that includes:

- Quota Config for priority options and access (i.e. give specific Quotas access to the create tickets, as well as designate which Quotas are marked as "priority" tickets).

- Integrates with Mailgun which allows you and your users to simply "respond" to Support Tickets, and the response will be updated in the ticket online.

- Setup multiple email addresses in Mailgun - all are routed to the Support Ticket interface.

- "Follow" tickets that are important, even if they are not priority tickets.

- Blocked Senders configuration

The Support Tickets module is a great way to improve the sales and support structure for your website.